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MMapper is a mud mapper especially written for the mud MUME

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MMapper is a graphical mapper for a MUD named MUME (Multi-Users in Middle Earth). The game is traditionally played in a text-only mode, but MMapper tries to represent the virtual world in user-friendly graphical environment. It acts as a proxy between a telnet client and a MUD server, being able to analyze game data in real time and show player’s position in a map.

Download mmapper-20.05.0-Linux-amd64.deb

Download mmapper-20.05.0-Linux-arm64.deb

Download mmapper-20.05.0-Linux-armhf.deb

Download mmapper-20.05.0-Linux-i386.deb

Download mmapper-20.05.0-Mac-x86_64.dmg

Download mmapper-20.05.0-Windows-x86.exe


Latest release v20.05.0 (21 May 2020)

New features

Bug fixes


  1. Automatic room creation during mapping
  2. Automatic connection of new rooms
  3. Terrain detection (forest, road, mountain, etc)
  4. Exits detections
  5. Fast OpenGL rendering
  6. Pseudo 3D layers and drag and drop mouse operations
  7. Multi platform support
  8. Group manager support to see other people on your map
  9. Integrated mud client
  10. Remote editing support


Please set up your client according to this guide

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Troubleshooting
  2. What is MUME?

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